Workshops take place on Mondays in the Hurley Convergence Center room 307 and Tuesdays in the University Center room 314.

All workshops are free and open to all students with no registration required.


Class Discussion:

Monday, January 23rd at 4pm (HCC 307)
Tuesday, January 24th at 5pm (UC 314)

With small class sizes comes class discussion. Join us at this workshop to learn how to lead, as well as participate effectively in class discussion. If you’re worried about participation points or speaking up in class, this is the workshop for you! 

Speech Basics:

Monday, February 6th at 4pm (HCC 307)
Tuesday, February 7th at 5pm (UC 314)

This workshop will go over the basics of public speaking including types of speeches, structure, delivery, and speaking anxiety. Never given a speech in college before? Think you could use a little help writing and presenting your speech? This is the perfect workshop for you!


Visual Aids:

Monday, February 20th at 4pm (HCC 307)
Tuesday, February 21st at 5pm (UC 314)

Visual Aids can be the most effective communication tool in your presentation, or they can be a distraction that stands in the way of delivering your message in a clear and productive manner. This workshop will provide a brief guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Visual Aids and experience in correcting common and uncommon problems in many presentation formats including PowerPoint and Prezi.

Presenting at Conferences:

Monday, ______ at 4pm (HCC 307)
Tuesday, ______ at 5pm (UC 314)

Presenting at a conference this spring or summer and not sure what to expect? Our experienced consultants will walk you through how to effectively prepare and present at your next conference!